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KMD People Success

Activate your data and accelerate your employee’s talent development!

Become a successful organization by activation your employee data

KMD People Success offers all organizations a groundbreaking data-based tool for targeted and forward-looking optimization of the talent developing processes.

Trusted by football clubs that are known for their excellent talent development

Define your employee´s potential, accelerate their talent development -empower the organization.

Many managers make decisions based on their gut feelings, and in many cases, this may make sense. But challenges arises when managers rely on their instincts so much, that their gut feeling overshadows the insight data can provide them.

scouting talentudvikling talentidentifikation

Do you recognize: 

_Difficulties when selecting talents and risk assessments of talents?

_ Lack of knowledge on mental and work performance data
because of a changing organization and handheld solutions?

Lack of data driven insight about who has a positive development based on their mental strengths – and why and what causes it?

One intelligent solution

KMD People Success is a solution that combines mental data, work performance data and evaluations in one intelligent solution that masters both the simple, descriptive overview of your employee’s historical data, while simultaneously providing a quick and easy employee overview of the most important HR historical data for your organization.

Talent-ID spillerdata
Talent-ID 4scout talentudvikling

The solution will ensure a data driven people success by:

_ Selecting the right people among several talents

_ Accelerating mental strength in both new and

old employees

_ Putting the right team together to create greater

success and more employee satisfaction

_ Providing knowledge about mental profiles

_ Providing knowledge about who is in a positive

development – why and what?

All the features you need in one tool

Predicting performance and satisfaction -securing employee retention and positive development. 

KMD People Success is a platform and a tool that utilizes data to help choose the right people and make the right choices about people. KMD People Success can ensure that the right employees are selected, the right team is put together and provide an overview of the opportunities for your employees

Based on validated tests, such as personality tests, team tests, workplace assessments, employee development interviews and 360-degree feedback, KMD People Success can predict performance and satisfaction, thus contributing to employee retention and development. 

The solution also gives you the option to collect and save historical data and have it compiled in a safe and GDPR compliant manner. This allows you to activate the data-driven, unique knowledge about your employee’s, competencies, personality profiles and links to performances.

KMD People Success is developed in close collaboration with psychologists from the organization, People Success, who have investigated and developed the models for assessing, predicting, and evaluating individual performances. These models are developed based on high-performance teams located in Denmark.
KMD People Success is a tool that provides both you and your employees with the best start for everyday performances across all areas.

Thanks to the Eye4Talent scouting tool, we have a very structured overview of all scouted players and the subsequent data insights allow us to make better decisions in recruitment.

Alexander Riget

Head of Coaching, FC Nordsjælland

We have chosen Eye4Talent to be an integral part of our talent identification set-up. The way we can control individual talentIDs and define our own scouting language improve our work.

Lars Myklebust

Head of Academy Recruiting, Viking FK


The solution is implemented in four phases

1. A Discovery process where we jointly define value-adding   results   and   reveal   the value potential found in data sources.

2. A Planning process where we plan the final implementation of the solution.

3. A Build & Implement process where we complete the configuration, data integration and implementation in your setup during a limited timeframe.

4. A Transition process where the solution is introduced into service, together with your needs and workflows.

Modules in KMD People Success

KMD People Success covers all aspects of the talent development journey and is a tailored solution to fit your specific needs – you tell us what you need and we help you to implement it.


Mental Profiling – Get deeper insights into your employees using proven mental profiling tools ensure stronger feedback and employee satisfaction. Analyze and match personalities using cluster analytical tools.

AI Assisted Potential – Integrate unique data science components leveraging your own data. Based on your own Performance & Potential modal, you get instant insights in employee potential and learning coefficient.

Dashboards – Build individual profile or team dashboards and blend data from various data sources.

Predict performance – Optimize individual and team performance. Match employees, to ensure a stronger potential discovery.


Costs & contracts overview – Contractual management by controlling employee contracts. Monitor productivity and performance contributions. Contingency planning and contractual deal flow.

Staff & Resources Allocation – Handling all staff roles, salary, and responsibilities across organization. Strengthen the decision making to secure stronger management, and control strategic implementation. Secures a single platform for management and staff, with full analytics on investments and output.


Engage through all 5 modules and get streamlined efficient talent development.

All gathered in one cloud-based solution.

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