It´s all about 576 square meters – Dangerzone!

In the first 14 fixtures of the Premier League there has been more than 3600 attempts. 44% of the shots have been Long Range Shots, while 56% have been in the box (Wide+Dangerzone).

If we separate the pitch into the three mentioned zones, the average of shots per goal, after round 14 is: Dangerzone(DZ): 5,049 shots, Wide: 16,42 shots, Long Range: 30,2 shots.

NB: ”Shots” will on this blog be defined as a collective description for all types of finishes.

76% of all goals in the Premier League comes from/is generated by shots in DZ (approx. 8% of the pitch) – therefore this blog will draw up tendencies from this vital area of the pitch.

Distribution of all goals in Premier League after round 14:

DZ: 76%, Wide: 9%, Long Range: 15%


Chelsea continues to convert from DZ – they are creepy effective, against Spurs in midweek all 3 goals came from DZ on just 6 attempts from DZ.

City and Liverpool´ s efficiency in DZ, has improved since round 12 – so has their movement in the table. City has gone from 6,4 shots to 5,5 shots and Liverpool from 5,8 shots to 5 shots. Correlation between improved efficiency in DZ and movement in the table.
Burnley and Villa still struggling to convert from DZ.


Southampton is still the most difficult team to convert against in DZ. But since round 11 they have slide from around 12 shots to 8,8.

On Monday Night Football they have another big test against Manchester United, who are in a good run with four victories in a row.

Arsenal with 2 clean sheets in their last 2 matches – that is a good idea, cause they are vulnerable in DZ along with Liverpool.


Indifferent knowledge / Important info!

Number 17 to number 20 in the Premier League table – Hull, Burnley, QPR and Leicester concede most shots against in DZ.

Respectively – Hull with 94 shots, Burnley 98, QPR 103 and Leicester with 94 shots against in DZ.

Correlation between ranking in the table and the number of shots against in DZ.