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Still scouting young talents with pen & paper or in countless Excel sheets?

Check out our 4Scout tool – the one central database for all your player reports. It dramatically increases the quality and consistency of your talent pool.

Trusted by football clubs that are known for their excellent talent development

Save time when managing your scouting team

Plan and organize all your scouting work in one single spot – the scouting calendar. Assign your scouts to matches and they get notified about their tasks on their phones. You will not only save time in managing your team, but also be sure that your scouts cover all important matches and players.

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Have all important player data in one single place

All the player data that your scouting team gathers is stored in our secured cloud. You will never again loose data in disappeared Excel files or emails. A consistent and meaningful database allows you to stay ahead of your work and make intelligent recruiting decisions.

Align the youth scouting with your unique club DNA

Standardize your scouting criteria by defining desired values, attributes, and skills of players you are looking for in your club. This feature that we call TalentID helps you implementing an effective scouting process based on a high probability of recruiting talent that matches your club DNA.

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Become first-mover on talent

Our simple app allows your scouts to report on talented players from wherever they are. Through real-time synchronisation, you have instant access to the evaluation and notes of your scouts in the field. This allows you to make fast decisions and be the first that approaches the next emerging top talent.

All the features you need in one tool

Planning calendar

The calendar function provides a quick overview of all planned scouting tasks. Define your scouting tasks here and assign them to your team members. Set up reminders for important tasks.

TalentID catalogue

The talentID catalogue includes mental, physical, tactical, technical, a.o. abilities. Assign those to your preferred formations and positions to create your club’s unique talent DNA.

Visualised reports

The visualised player profiles and dashboards help you to generating better insights from your data. Use them for more meaningful internal discussions – in your recruitment team or directly with your players.

Player data import

The import function allows you to quickly and easily integrate your existing player data via a simple Excel template. Saying this, implementation time is reduced to a minimum and you can get started right away.

Thanks to the Eye4Talent scouting tool, we have a very structured overview of all scouted players and the subsequent data insights allow us to make better decisions in recruitment.

Alexander Riget

Head of Coaching, FC Nordsjælland

We have chosen Eye4Talent to be an integral part of our talent identification set-up. The way we can control individual talentIDs and define our own scouting language improve our work.

Lars Myklebust

Head of Academy Recruiting, Viking FK

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