Web platform

  • New menu optimising layout and performance while loading, and including new options:
    • Notification panel, showing all notifications for logged in user with option to click and navigate to event
    • Fast “Create” option, allowing to fast navigate to creation of sessions, players, teams, meetings etc..
  • Added new feature to the module “Elite Planning” and now supporting:
    • Data-sets like FFM and PHV measurements, other data sets can be designed as well
    • Questionnaires like: sleep monitoring, GRID-measurements, condition reports etc.. totally free for each account
    • These you can be designed under the admin/activity page, inside the “Set” group
  • Supporting new notifications for:
    • Meetings, incl. option to answer meeting attendance in meeting page
    • Questionnaires, each user (Player or Staff) can be assigned questionnaires for sessions or in general
  • Optimised Load Management overview, both with in session page and associated insight
  • Optimised performance when loading player list, introducing a toggle to load assessments performed
  • Insight dashboard showing all meeting activities with direct links to meeting documents to ease overview of meeting structure and documentation

Load Management now supports Acute:Chronic calculations

Watch below tutorial explaining data flow for coaches and players, plus the dashboard visualising Load data from events (Training, Tests & Matches).


4Scout App

  • New option added to allow for general evaluation on 4Scout, making it possible to create a scouting report using talent id’s which being in match mode.
  • Under each player you can click on “+” button, and select the talent id you want to user for the reporting.

4Coach and 4Player App

  • Support general evaluations from both app’s, making it possible to perform yearly reviews on players using either there associated talent id, or self defined development goals as evaluation context.
  • Support questionnaires for both players and coaches, to handle internal surveys whether it is based on player measurements and HR-feedback.
  • Supporting team page functionality on 4Coach, making it easier to add match data like:
    • Playing minutes incl. substitution flow
    • Match evaluations
    • Goals, assists, cards, Intensity etc..

Contact a sales rep using this link, if you want to get a full understanding on how players can be engaged adding the above to their development profile to support coaches guidance and improve their own self perception powering each of your players responsibility.

Coming soon

4Player, 4Coach and 4Scout


  • Optimising notification flow and introducing a notification overview
  • Enabling test data input in sets, so that data for one test session can now incl. multiple measurements  included the scientific calculations (PHV & FFM)

Expected release for above app features end April 2021


  • Introducing dashboard with a basic user engagement overview (Players and Staff) giving a clear overview of usage and data logging frequency 

Expected release for above features end April 2021