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Web platform

  • Optimized entire profile page, incl. new design and added functionality under:
    • Note & Tasks – enabling task management – see this tutorial
    • Injury – enabling injury categorising and ability add documents and video files
    • Analysis profiles – optimised management for individual analysis/reflection focus
    • Added a team profile page, with the overview of team related reports, tasks and specialised analysis focuses, linked from the associated team page. 
  • Updated entire admin section, to a better performance for all pages (Clubs, Leagues, Positions, Activities etc..) neither UX or functionalities has been changed during this update. 
  • However on “Activity section” you now have got incl. an option to add session animation feature. Default is added a free program (German) but any online tool can be added to this page – if the club have access to such.
  • Added feature for embedding web-drawing features used session planning and match tactics. All drawings, video recordings etc. is stored directly in account storage
  • Optimized UX in team analysis feature, so that it is much more simple to add a team analysis to a match and even get an overview of all team analysis performed. See article specific for how to handle this feature.
  • From calendar you can now plan meetings and through that organise and document meeting structure with in each area like “Scouting & Recruitment” and “Player development conversations” etc.
  • Enabled video in trainings either upload from app, or uploaded to web session view
  • Insight dashboard for both team and individual performance clock enhanced with curriculum and load data and many more important data insights
  • Added direct links to insight dashboard, enhancing daily insights into performance clock, injury & recovery overview, Load management, Playing documentation etc. These can be opened from Team page or the Individual players page
  • Enabling general evaluations making reporting on players not match specific, using the talent identification feature, but in a more general matter. Use-full for Internal player evaluations in a more general context. See article incl. video showcasing this new function

Watch tutorial below for a full view of the various insight dashboards and the integration of each of these to ease accessibility

OBS: Insight views are loaded with a prefined period, which you can change by using the sliders to adjust range. Coming feature will include a date range from the page you come from, so that period is predefined at loading time – optimizing performance even further.

The Home section still contains the overall dashboards, which should be used for reporting purpose, where you filter all you data when loading each individual dashboard available for your account.

Load Management now supports Acute:Chronic calculations

Watch below tutorial explaining data flow for coaches and players, plus the dashboard visualising Load data from events (Training, Tests & Matches).


4Scout App

  • New section under main menu, showing all your assigned tasks related to players with in recruitment workflow.
  • Under each player you can also see all tasks associated to the player profile

4Coach and 4Player App

  • New section under main menu, showing all assigned tasks related to players for all the teams you as a coach have access to. (Only 4Coach)
  • Under each player you can new see a new tab “Notes & tasks”, which enables viewing of created note, documents, tasks, video links from external sources. (Both App’s)
  • Load information are saved for all training, tests and matches the players gets assigned to. Enabling a simple gathering of players perceived load during these events/sessions.
  • Reflection on training, test and self practice sessions are enabled with a clear link towards created development goals. Creating a strong structure for players ability to log the progress and share that with coaches.
  • Optimised Dev Goal management and the engagement between activities like self training and video to the action plan for each goal – sending a notification to coaches when a new reflection has been made incl. uploading video of recent practice at home.
  • Enabling general evaluations making reporting on players not match specific, using the talent identification feature, but in a more general matter. (All App’s)

Contact a sales rep using this link, if you want to get a full understanding on how players can be engaged adding the above to their development profile to support coaches guidance and improve their own self perception powering each of your players responsibility.

Coming soon

4Player, 4Coach and 4Scout

  • Enabling all functionality from team page, making it easier to add playing minutes and other relevant match relevant data. (4Coach)
  • Enabling test data input in sets, so that data for one test session can now incl. multiple measurements  included the scientific calculations (PHV & FFM)

Using this new feature in 4Coach, coaches are supported more in making internal evaluations based on each match (if needed) – using this basic evaluations to strengthen players ability to reflect on match performance and use the data gathered to strengthen player perception and support coach player dialogue in player development meetings.

Expected release for above app features end January 2021


  • Introducing an optimised user management enabling various HR-features aligned with general licens structures on key areas like:
    • HR and Organisational development making the platform 100% compliant with the danish license structure
  • Insight dashboard for user engagement (Players and Staff) giving a clear overview of usage and data logging frequency
  • Insight dashboard showing all meeting activities with direct links to meeting documents to ease overview of meeting structure and documentation
  • Optimised periodisation across age groups and periods
  • Enhanced data gathering on players and teams, using test sets and questionnaire builder, and enabling these not only in web but also in player and coach app. With this feature you can for instance use questionnaires for gathering data on sleep monitoring, motivation, Condition reports or even build your own mental questionnaires. All these data can be monitored directly in platform through customised insights. 

Expected release for above features and March 2021