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AGF of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, has decided to enhance their eye4talent deal and is now our partner. Since 2016, AGF has used eye4talent’s scouting tools but now they will start working with Coach Universe and as of summer 2018 Player Universe will be available to the academy players. Academy Manager Allan Frederiksen explains why they have decided to take their academy to the next level.

In the largest Aarhus club, AGF, Academy Manager Allan Frederiksen schedule is fully booked. Soon, the club will start establishing five new top centres in cooperation with the Danish FA and simultaneously they have decided to take their eye4talent engagement to the next level.

Previously this January, AGF and eye4talent held a workshop in Aarhus, as they introduced the coaches and the fitness staff to the available tools in the Coach Universe. Later in 2018, the players will be introduced to Player Universe. To Allan Frederiksen, who has been Academy Manager since September 2017, the need for a positive daily proces in the club is quite obvious:

”I’m new to the organization here and I quickly understood that the coaches wanted the full eye4talent experience and the opportunities within. I agreed, we lacked structure, some writing skills and a joint work space”.

Taking The Double Pass project into account
The past few years, Belgian consultants from Double Pass has analyzed the Danish club’s talent development. That has turned in to some recommendations and guidelines for the Danish clubs to follow. In Allan Frederiksen’s opinion eye4talent can help fulfilling the to-dos from the Belgians:

”The eye4talent platform is a good fit in our current situation. We have got lots of recommendations and objectives from Double Pass that they encourage us to implement. Eye4talent fits like a glove when it comes to supporting organizing, writing skills and structure”.

“Furthermore, the registration of training sessions, matches, injuries, and tests supplies data that we can use to develop and educate. Many of the Double Pass recommendations were not big surprises and I recognize that eye4talent is a great choice to support our every day life in club and the direction we want to go. And in addition, our coaches wanted to begin using this digital platform”.

“We had of course writing skills, but the circumstances had a nineties vibe. We would upload our documents to a common server, which took a lot of time. Eye4talent has been an obvious improvement”.

AGF already worked with Scout Universe for their talent identification efforts and will now expand to the full experience with video analysis, training session planning, injury and test registration and as of the summer 2018, Player Universe will be introduced to the players as well. You can read more on our platform here.

The platform is key to working united

To Allan Frederiksen, it is key that eye4talent can work together with the professional competences that already are present in the club and this way around supplying an important contribution to the talent development in Aarhus:

”Football is a lot more than an eye4talent platform. A lot more. But the platform can help us create a fundament for working united in an organization of both full time employees, part time employees, and volunteers“.

Here at eye4talent, were are happy to welcome AGF and their coaches as partners and we are excited to continue our cooperation.

If you want to learn more on eye4talent and our product, do not hesitate to contact us:

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