A comprehensive solution for talent development

Do you play, coach, scout, or manage? Discover what eye4talent can do for you:

Football player

Take on responsibility for your own development with video analysis and direct feedback from your coach


Organize, plan, and analyze your work and make it avaliable to everybody in the club – including your players.


Streamline internal and external talent identification using the club’s unique DNA and playing philosophy.


Capture the essence of your club data with a unique visual overview and support important decisions with facts.

Get the bigger picture of your talent development

With eye4talent, players, coaches, scouts, and management unite in one platform! That gives you overview, strenghens the sharing of knowledge, and promote the cooperation in your talent development system.
Talent identify in internal and external squads
Plan the training down to the last detail
Video analyze your team and players individually
Register match, test, and injury data
Involve the talents with bigger responsibilty for their own developments
Give individual feedback directly and support the mental development

Customized introduction for all our clients

We always insure that our clients start off on the right foot with our platform
We customize a unique workshop plan fitting your demands
We make sure that everbody gets introduced to the platform
We do follow-ups to insure that you get the perfect start
  • B93 – A thorough and helpful introduction to the platform  100% 100%
  • FC Midtjylland – We have had a really god beginning with eye4talent 97% 97%
  • FC Copenhagen – The players learned a lot in a short time 95% 95%

We’ve got happy clients!

FCM decided to gather all knowledge and data in one system. It is important to us to have a full overview and simultaneously secure our data.

Academy Chief – Flemming Broe

FC Midtjylland

eye4talent provides us with a platform that totally match the recommendations we’ve got from Double Pass. Better documentation, structure and organization.

Talent Manager – Allan Frederiksen


eye4talent provides a platform that contains everything including involvement of players increasing their reflection and self management. In total we believe we have a very strong system that differs from other products on the market.

Director – Sebastian Brydegaard

Næsby Boldklub

Player Universe, where the players make their own analyses of their own performances, is spot on in relation to developing their sense of responsibilty.
Talent manager – Sune Smith-Nielsen

FC København

Why should you choose eye4talent?

We develop our platform contentiously in collaboration with the clubs to insure you the best product
eye4talent is built with the focus to support talent development in football clubs. With different backgrounds in elite football, our passion is to create a platform that supports your work. With an intuitive and user-friendly approach, everybody at your club – including the players – can benefit from the digital possibilities.

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Learn how we create a bigger transparency in the world of Danish talent development. That is something we do in cooperation with the popular Danish football site Mediano.nu

We have created the future talent development platform

A 360° solution tailored to your club with many options
Mobile scouting
Team and individual video analysis
Dialogue based on
player reflections
Training session planning
Overview of all teams
Injury and test registration
Individual player analysis
Registration of match data
Visualization of training history
Smart task management
Personal calendar overview
Verification of user rights


Talent development is our passion and we have a great ambition to revolutionize talent development throughout the football world.

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