Due Diligence – Action versus Reaction!

Position-specific analysis implemented in connection with the purchase of new players – set in a Style of Play context.

Data based decisions in the player recruitment occupies a larger and larger role in soccer globally and increase the likelihood of success on the pitch as well as the bottom line. If there were invested even more in a favorable recruitment strategy, in long term it will ultimately be possible to spend less money on player salaries. Too often the clubs are fetching last minute solutions in the transfer window, with a high risk of that the player does not fit into the Style of Play and ends up in the stands.

Below is an example of how you can compare players, position-specific e.g. with relevant criteria in the right context for that particular position. It could also have been a position-specific analysis for a fullback, central defender, winger etc.

In relation to transfers every organization should ask themselves some of the following questions:

  • Can we replace a sold defensive midfielder with a internal U21 player,or should we look externally? What does data explain?
  • Do we have qualified player data on e.g. defensive midfield position, based on the clubs’ Style of Play?
  • What is his potential, is there a possibility of resale?
  • Are we forcing ourself to go invest more than Market Value, since we haven’t succeeded in developing a U21 player, or recruit externally in time?
Summary – Give data a Style of Play context

Organizations can benefit from working with position-specific data on internal and external players on a weekly basis, tailored to the club’s playing philosophy. In addition it gives organizations the ability to make more rational and data-driven decisions; the position-specific data is an essential contribution. Thus that decisions are not only based on gut feelings and agents in the last hectic and hysterical days of the transfer window.

The organizations who make the fewest impulsive decisions (and the greater use of Due Diligence, put in an Style of Play context) are the ones who will win in the long term! Visualized data provides a bigger picture to make better decisions.

Due Diligence – Action versus Reaction!

Criteria definition:
  • Eyes in the back: How often a player turn his head before recieving the ball
  • Face to goal from Zone 14: Which player is most skilled to face goal from Zone 14
  • % of CC Zone 14 – Team: Which player has the highest percentage, of his team Chances Created from Zone 14
  •  Team% of CC Zone 14: Which team has the highest percentage of Chances Created from Zone 14
  • Ÿ % of CC Zone 14: Which player has the highest percentage of Chances Created from Zone 14


Offensive players 1Offensive players 2