Statistics show that Liverpool are among the most ineffective teams in the box in the Premier League.

In the first eleven fixtures of the Premier League there has been 2821 shots on goal. 45% of the shots have been Long Range Shots, while 55% have been in the box (Wide+Dangerzone).

If we separate the pitch into the three mentioned zones, the average distribution of shots per goal is: Dangerzone: 4,8 shots, Wide: 17 shots, Long Range: 33 shots.

NB: ”Shots” will on this blog be defined as a collective description for all types of finishes.

77% of all goals in the Premier League comes from/is generated by shots in Dangerzone (approx. 8% of the pitch) – therefore this blog will draw up tendencies from this vital area of the pitch.

We will be taking a closer look at Liverpool’s efficiency in Dangerzone, as a prelude to their coming match against Crystal Palace.


Tough match against Crystal Palace awaits

Liverpool use 6 shots in Dangerzone to score a single goal and are therefore placed on the wrong side of the Premier League-average of 4,7 shots per goal. Last season they managed to score more than 100 goals and had a scoring-average of 2,7 goals per match – compared to this season’s low average of 1,3 goals per match.

Looking towards Liverpool’s upcoming fixture against Crystal Palace, it seems that this can only be an entertaining affair! Liverpool and Crystal Palace are both among the worst, when it comes to defending shots made from Dangerzone. At the same time Crystal Palace is only surpassed by Chelsea, when it comes to taking advantage of their chances in Dangerzone, which means that Liverpool can face several problems defensively.

Find your favorite team’s conversion rate here below:


Liverpool – Premier League’s worst at clearing

It was not Liverpool’s defense that created their big achievements last season, but in this season the team have actually only allowed 44 shots againt them in Dangerzone, which is the third best in the league – only surpassed by Arsenal and Southampton.

On the other hand, Daniel Agger’s former defensive teammates are finding it very difficult to clear balls in the box:

6 goals have been conceded from their lacking ability to clear the ball, which equals 40% of all goals scored against them this season.

The record signing, Dejan Lovren, has hardly impressed in the back four at Liverpool in the first part of the season.

This stat clearly makes Liverpool by far the worst in the Premier League at clearances as they have allowed twice the amount of goals scored against them after failed clearances compared to the three bottom teams, Burnley, QPR and Leicester.

Liverpool’s defense have actually allowed the same amount of goals against them after failed clearances as Spurs, United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal all put together – the loyal fans at ”The Kop” will only be dreaming of the CL 2015/16 if this tendency is set to continue!

Among the easiest teams to score against

The many failed clearances are also connected to the fact that is has been very easy to score against Liverpool this season. 3,4 shots in Dangerzone is all it takes to score against the vice-champions. It is actually only Sunderland and their coming opponent, Crystal Palace, who are worse than Liverpool when it comes to goals scored against them per shot in Dangerzone.

Rodgers’ squad will clearly have to work wonders, if they are to catch up with the League’s 2 placed team at the moment, Southampton, where it takes a whole 12,3 shots to score against them in Dangerzone.



There is a reason for optimism, when looking at their ability to produce chances compared to how many chances that are produced against them. Liverpool is placed 6th at the moment, when it comes to shots for/against.


On the other hand, when looking at Liverpool’s quality in Dangerzone, they are among the League’s worst. Liverpool is rated 16th, 18th and 20th, when looking at the quality of shots for, shots against and the amount of failed clearances. Especially in their own box, might prove them difficult for the coming match, since Crystal Palace are actually the Premier League’s second best at taking the advantage of their chances in Dangerzone.

Keep up with our coming blogposts, where we will be zooming in on more statistical Premier League tendencies.