As head coach in AB-Copenhagen (next best league in Denmark) Thomas Nørgaard both strives for better results and better players. In this process he has been working with eye4TALENT’s analyzing tool. A relatively new phenomenon for the head coach, who is, so far, very pleased with his new helper.

– eye4TALENT’s analysis helps me structure my match preparations. It gives me a complete overview of what I should be aware of in the next match, where my own team is vulnerable and what I can do to improve the individual player.

The ladder is exactly what Thomas Nørgaard has been doing with his offensive midfielder, Younes Namli:

– We have been working with how to benefit from Namli’s highly developed offensive skills. Through the analysis of Namli we saw, that he often received the ball on our own half – even close to the sideline. This is not appropriate for a player like Namli and therefore we worked on how to set him up in offensive zones, where he is lethal for opponents, says Thomas Nørgaard.

Also Namli himself is excited about this new approach:

– With video analysis of all my own performances I have a complete overview of what I should work with both in training and in match, tells 20-years old Younes Namli and explaines:

– Furthermore we now have a tool that my coach and I can build our evaluation upon. This gives me valuable feedback that I have never experienced before. It definitely improves the dialogue between my coach and me.

According to Thomas Nørgaard todays football players should be working the same way:

– Surely I would advocate for more players to use this kind of analyzing tools, which offers the individual player an extraordinary insight in his own performance and what to improve. Also it creates a bigger commitment from the player, who takes ownership of his own development. Every club could use that kind of player!